APSAD Early-Mid Career Researchers Networking Event

Date: Monday 11 November 2019

Time: 6.00pm - 7.30pm

Cost: Free to conference delegates

This year’s event will focus on demonstrating research impact, which is an important facet of grant and fellowship applications for EMCRs. Invited speakers will share their perspectives on what constitutes impact and how to tell a strong story about your impact.

There will be plenty of time allocated for networking with other EMCRs and senior researchers from the AOD field. Speakers will be announced closer to the date.

If you are interested in attending this event be sure to indicate your interest when registering for the APSAD conference.

Canapes and light refreshments will be served.

Please note we do expect a high level of interest in attending this event and as there are a limited number of spaces available APSAD Members will be given first priority along with conference delegates who fit the Early-Mid Career Researchers criteria.

If you cannot attend the APSAD EMCR network event this year, but would like to learn more about the APSAD EARLY-Mid Career Researchers Network visit the APSAD website for further information.

For further information email



Indivior Sunday Symposium: Expanding treatment options for opioid dependence

Date: Sunday 10 November 2019

Time: 5.30pm – 8.00pm

Sublocade is a new treatment option for opioid dependence and is moving from research into clinical practice. This will be a practical review of data and early clinical experience focusing on patient management, patient experience and the future role of new and existing treatment options. Sublocade is a buprenorphine modified release solution for subcutaneous injection.

Camurus Breakfast Symposium: Buvidal® - Early experience in Australia

Date: Tuesday 12 November 2019

Time 07:20am- 08:20am

Camurus proudly presents a symposium examining the early experience with Buvidal® in Australia.
Australian clinicians will provide their experience in using Buvidal® through a series of case studies, followed by a current recipient of Buvidal® who will talk of their experience on the medication.
The session will also contain a Q&A panel discussion, for the audience to ask further questions.